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Security Software & Appliances

Security Software:
Software firewalls provide strong and transparent protection against intrusions and malicious attacks. Software based security solutions offer flexible deployment in a cost-effective manner. Dhaka Fiber Net offers its customers comprehensive security features at low cost maximizing their ROI (return on investment). These software based security systems are intuitive, intelligent and complete solutions that focus on today's busy professionals.
These solutions are custom implemented to protect business assets and transactions by ensuring secure connections with the Internet and between networks. As a comprehensive hybrid firewall, it enables fast, controlled connectivity, providing strong and transparent protection against intrusions and malicious attacks.

Key Points:

  •  Provides proactive security and protects the network against ‘blended threats’ by default
  •  Full Application Inspection technology enables the inspection of data deep inside packets passing through the security gateway, providing enterprise-class protection for both application- and network-level attacks
  •  Centralized management simplifies managing network security through centralized logging, alerting, reporting, and policy configuration
  • Meets performance requirements with integrated high availability and load balancing option


Fiber Net offers a range of integrated security devices that are purpose-built to perform essential security functions. Optimized for maximum performance, they are controlled by a security specific, real-time operating system. This software environment implements an exceptionally vigilant, layered approach to security without the overhead that can create vulnerabilities in other security products that rely on general-purpose operating systems.

These integrated devices provide network and application level protection, virtual private networking (VPN) capabilities, and denial of service (DoS) mitigation functions. They are available in a range of appliances built to meet the throughput requirements of service providers and enterprises of all sizes. These appliances provide a scalable security solution, ranging from protecting broadband telecommuters to large corporate offices and e-business sites.

Some of the key advantages include:

Reliability: Purpose-built devices with active-active and active-passive high availability options; stateful failover of firewall and VPN traffic

Integration: Tightly integrated devices – network hardware/security operating system – no general purpose Operating System (OS) hardening required
Performance: Predictable performance under load across all platforms; multi-Gigabit performance with small packets on high-end systems
Security: VPN, firewall, denial of service protection, antivirus, and intrusion detection and prevention
Ease of Deployment: Integrated appliances, dynamic routing, transparent mode for network integration; simple firmware upgrades
Manageability: Central security management for device, network and security policies; also can use WebUI and CLI
Scalability: Broad product range and functionality to meet enterprise wide requirements and accommodate network growth
Standards: ICSA, NEBS, Common Criteria, and FIPS certifications; interoperability with other vendors’ solutions
Product highlights:      
Deep Inspection firewall extends stateful inspection to detect application level attacks and stop them at the network perimeter Centralized, policy-based management minimizes the chance of overlooking security holes by simplifying roll-out and network-wide updates
             Virtualization technologies make it easy for administrators to divide the network into secure segments for additional protection.
             Rapid Deployment features help minimize repetitive tasks and administrative burden associated with wide spread deployments.