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IP VPN & Services

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) transmit digital information over shared infrastructures with the same secure and reliable connectivity as private networks — but at a lower cost. In addition to IP, VPNs can be implemented using technologies such as frame relay or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), both of which offer predictable performance and a high level of security. Moving information over VPN is also simpler and more cost-effective than using traditional dedicated-line networks.
IP VPNs are “privatised” networks implemented over either the public Internet backbone or a service provider’s private IP backbone, making use of shared IP facilities to build an enterprise’s private WAN. IP offers any-to-any connectivity without having to procure additional permanent virtual circuits (PVCs), thus reducing complexity and simplifying administration. In addition, private IP VPNs offer the security and predictable performance of private networks while adhering to the protocol standards of the Internet.
Private and public network IP VPNs offer the cost effectiveness of a shared network, along with network management and the cost savings that result from the convergence of data, voice, and video over one network. IP VPNs operating over both public and private networks can support enterprise applications for business transactions that range from customer interactions to those involving partners and suppliers. For mission supporting locations or those with a casual use of enterprise applications, an IP VPN based on the public Internet provides cost-effective connectivity. Leveraging both public and private networks, a distributed organization can achieve a high performance WAN while taking advantage of the ubiquitous coverage of the Internet to provide the necessary global reach.
Dhaka Fiber Net offers specialized IP VPN solutions to its customers with a focus on providing the most cost-effective and secure solution while conforming to the flexibility requirements of the application platform.