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Import Export Management System

DFN_EIMS is a customized software for any type of shipping company who are involved in import-export related business. The shipping company’s main work is generating manifest which it submits to different authorities. For these the company faces many problems in making manifests accurately and quickly.
DFN_EIMSgenerates automatic Import Export General Manifest. You can capture data from different data source. You can export manifest data to excel work sheet according to port authority preformatted excel worksheet. Or directly input your data to ERP. Here you can generate much type of parameterized reports.

Salient features that make DFN_EIGEM different:

    * Follow the port authority roles
    * Import Data from different type of data source (CSV, Tab Delimited, MS Excel, MS RTF)
    * Direct Input/Split Imported Data
    * Highly Strong Security
    * Well define Multi user management system
    * n-tier architecture/Thin client terminal
    * Enhance Graphical user interface
    * Automated Data Backup Facilities
    * Fast query response
    * Client-Server architecture
    * 50+ Parameterized reports
    * Export Manifest Data to Excel worksheet
    * Object label privileges
    * Auditing
    * Data integrity
    * Strongly maintain QA methodology
    * Support multi type printer

DFN_IEMS Modules:

Management Module

    * Global Settings
    * Vessel Information Management System
    * Port Information Management System
    * Bank Information Management System
    * Customer Information Management System
    * Shipper Information Management System

Financial Transaction Module

    * Currency Conversion
    * Collection of Charges
    * Cash Book
    * Parameterized Reporting Module

IGM/EGM Module

    * Add House BL
    * Data capture from text file or others sources
    * Split or Modification of Imported Data
    * Parameterized Reporting Module

With DFN_IEMS, Shipping Company can achieve more:

    * Authority delegation, asset control, employee/client satisfaction
    * Customized report, analysis and statistics
    * Error free operation leading to higher efficiency
    * ROI from existing operation
    * Security & tracking of operations
    * Local product, local support available round-the-clock