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DFN SoftSwitch

DFN SoftSwitch is a SIP/IAX2 billing software based on Asterisk® open source soft switch with the functionality of physical switching with TDM switches for small and medium-grade networks. Having all functionally of a Class 5 networks, DFN SoftSwitch was designed with all customers in mind. Often opportunities are missed due to some technical capability missing from a users switch. By using our system the customer will no longer miss out using lower call rate or higher performing route due to codec or protocol.

DFN SoftSwitch is integrated with asterisk for the Authentication, Authorization & Accounting. Anybody who are interested to do VoIP business with their retail SIP/IAX2 customers (who uses SIP/IAX2 devices and softphone) & DID calling card business - this product will be real good for them.

    * SIP Protocol Support
    * IAX2 Protocol Support
    * Web interface for termination configuration
    * Prepaid/Postpaid Billing
    * Accounting management
    * Rates Management
    * Reseller Management
    * Web based customer care and self provisioning
    * Multiple Termination Supports
    * Monitoring call detail in real time
    * Reporting
    * CDR Management
    * Real Time AAA using AGI (asterisk Gateway Interface)